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Welcome to the African Property Magazine.

Our E –Magazine offers you the opportunity to make the outmost use of your advertising budget in a smart way. You can reach 100 times your expected traget in the most convinient way. The package above offers you this great opportunity. To get this package email us at propertyexpress@btinternet.com or pawards10@yahoo.com to request for the e-magazine package.

We have three types of the magazines. The African Property Magazine (APM) and the Africa Home Building and Renovation Magazine (AH&RM) and the Retail & Leisure.

You can also subscribe to the up-coming magazine by clicking the link below. It will cost you £1.00 to subscribe to the up-coming  - E- magazine.


Investment in Infrastructure and opportunities in the Real Estate Market in Africa is right here.


Contact: info@africanpropertymagazine.com

Call Us – Africa: + 233 302 24 65 81   Mobile: + 233 200 111 066 ,

Call Us- The Rest of the World: +44 208 090 0920   Mobile +  44 7484 273 553


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